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Dietetic interns aim to improve student nutrition with weight loss challenge

The Health Center will sponsor a nutrition-oriented challenge to educate students on how to eat and cook, utilizing proper nutrition. The challenge will also emphasize proper exercise.

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Danger of supplements can go unnoticed

There may come a time when some people want to change their body image. This may include increasing their muscle mass or losing weight, and exercise can help in these changes, but some people want a shortcut; they want results immediately. In order to achieve this, many people turn to the assistance of supplements.

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Revamping New Year’s resolutions

With the first month of the new year over many people are keeping strong to their proposed resolutions.

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The weight of beauty

It’s irrational to believe that one device can possess so much power and have so much influence on my day.

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Subway speak

Jared Fogle used to eat the Subway Turkey Breast sandwich while trying to lose weight. But now, he prefers the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, which is one of the most fattening sandwiches, clocking in at 370 calories.

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Awareness of eating disorders

February is eating disorder awareness month – a month dedicated to shedding light on a major issue among college-age students.

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