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Fresno State student researches virus during internship

Rachel Nieto researched the cellular export of influenza virus and it all started with an internship. The Fresno State senior who is majoring in biology participated in a prestigious internship over the summer at the University of Münster through the ...

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Valley prepared for Zika virus

Move over Ebola, there’s a new virus that’s the talk of the town. Zika virus, spread primarily through Aedes mosquito bites, captured global interest after a major outbreak in Brazil last year. Generally the effects of the virus are mild. ...

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Ebola in the United States: Don’t believe the hype

There is a pandemic in this country. A real, measurable phenomenon; it’s a dangerous virus that has the power to tear apart our society. No, it isn’t Ebola. It’s the fear mongering we see everyday on television news. Yes it’s ...

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The swine flu pandemic is nigh

Yes, my friends, a global pandemic of epic proportions is sweeping across the face of the earth with the voracious appetite of a swarm of mutant locusts.

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CSU, campus precautions for swine flu

Like most of the world, the California State University system is concerned about the spread of the swine flu virus and is keeping a close watch on information passed down from county, state and federal officials.

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Is downloading getting you down?

In this age of technological dominance, living without a computer is virtually impossible. Yet every day, students engage in activities that could put their computers in danger — by simply downloading a song, visiting a Web site or opening an e-mail.

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