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Why these cruelty-free beauty products are my go-to

Some may think cruelty-free beauty products are expensive, don’t work well or smell funny. But, I am here to say, they are not any of those things. You’ll rarely find me in Ulta or Sephora looking for makeup because a ...

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A meat-free Thanksgiving, but why?

Mashed potatoes and gravy, a warm dinner roll, stuffing, pumpkin pie, yams, green beans and Tofurky. Wait, Tofurky? Let’s take a step back. Let’s start off with honesty and allow me to admit that I’m biased. My argument will get ...

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In National Nutrition Month, try eating a little less meat

By: Karla Dumas Registered Dietitian Balancing your schedule between classes, studying, friends, work and maybe even sleep, you may not give much thought to what your next meal will be. But before you grab that cheeseburger or pepperoni pizza, remember: ...

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