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Words from third grade teacher inspires U.S. Poet Laureate

“She invited me to the front of the class and [I] sang ‘Three Blind Mice,’” Juan Felipe Herrera said. “It’s really funny, but to my surprise, now I go, ‘How did I do that?’” That was the moment the current ...

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What to Watch Wednesday

The top picks for tonight’s primetime television (yes, actual live TV) “American Idol” (FOX)  8 p.m. Auditions continue for the show’s 14th season, and those who have watched from the beginning know that the auditions are usually more entertaining than ...

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One-Finger Salute

Even though we lost the gold in hockey to Canada (quick aside: our defensemen suck! Ryan Miller, you are still the man!), we have still won the most medals in the Olympics.

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