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Transferring from community college is underrated

When I think back to 2011 around this time, I am immediately brought back to overwhelming feelings in regards to where I was applying to college. At the time, my close friends were applying to juggernauts like UC Berkeley and ...

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To have a seat or not to have a seat

Blood pumping adrenaline, a bit of underarm sweat, the fear of ambiguity and – at times – the feeling of total disdain. This is not describing a trip to the gym, but instead the nightmare that is class enrollment. The ...

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Enrollment trends up, VP says

This year’s enrollment and the large number of international students breaks the negative trend budget cuts inflicted on Fresno State in previous years, administrators said.

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University dropouts exceed transfers

Infographic by Michael Uribes / The Collegian Online Click to play. Requires Flash Player 10.

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University moves deadline for transfer student apps

Not enough state funding has caused Fresno State to move up another application deadline — this time for transfer students.

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Shortened deadline for transfer students

High interest in enrolling at California State University, Fresno, but too little funding from the state has prompted university officials to move up the application deadline for transfer students to Feb. 15, 2009.

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