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How dry shampoo saved my life

If you’re like me and you’re trying to balance school, two jobs, a boyfriend and a social life, washing hair can become a luxury. Luckily dry shampoo has become my new savior. In theory, washing your hair is a really ...

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California lawmaker hopes to end Daylight Saving Time

On Sunday millions living on the West Coast dutifully set their clocks forward by one hour for the twice yearly Daylight Saving Time changes. This custom may soon be a thing of the past, if voters approve a motion introduced ...

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Fresno State receives high marks for affordability

A recent TIME Magazine study has ranked Fresno State No. 26 in the nation based on affordability, graduation rates and Pell Grants, the federal financial aid for low-income families. TIME gathered data from 2,500 colleges and universities throughout the country ...

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How does Facebook affect your study habits?

“I need to get off Facebook and write my paper”: Plenty of students have seen those statuses posted by friends on Facebook when they were supposed to be studying. Some students even posted that particular status themselves.

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The rise and fall of marriage

To live with a partner, have premarital sex or raise children out of wedlock was once frowned upon. But as Generation X replace the Baby Boomers, the conservative attitude toward marriage has been radically liberalized. There are fewer marriages, more divorces, less children and more couples living together today, than in 1960--when the percentage of Americans married with children was at an all-time high.

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