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Ted Cruz’s father urges Fresno Christians to engage or watch religious liberty ‘go down the drain’

Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz, stood at Cornerstone Church Conference Center’s pulpit in Fresno on Friday night and urged members of the congregation to engage in the political process. “Authority flows from God to ...

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Students rally behind Ted Cruz for president

A new group on campus, Millennials for Ted Cruz, has formed to create a student forum for the upcoming presidential elections. This is the only group of its kind at Fresno State – none of the other prospective candidates have ...

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The first voting of the 2016 election is done

The results of the Iowa caucus are in – with Ted Cruz taking a surprising lead over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pulling a slight win over Bernie Sanders. Cruz took eight delegates with 27.6 percent of the popular vote. ...

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Is Ted Cruz eligible to be president?

This month, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has come under fire in regards to his eligibility for president. Cruz was born in Canada. He moved to Texas when he was 4. The Constitution says that, “No person except a natural born ...

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The Republican Party lacks empathy for people

This year, we’ll decide the fate of our nation for the next four. The presidential race is looming and we have to decide what kind of nation we’ll be. With that there are many factors, and no one will ever ...

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Obama encourages FCC to support net neutrality

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama publicly announced his support of net neutrality, the idea that the Internet should be regulated equally, devoid of discrimination of user, website or country of origin.

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