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Students clicking into classrooms

There are several models of clickers on sale at the Kennel Bookstore, including E-Instruction’s CPS. Burgess said about a dozen classes on campus are currently using clickers.
Students will now able to interact and be more involved in class lectures with the new Classroom Performance System (CPS). CPS includes a hand-held clicker device for students to use in class and on tests.

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Here lies tasteful mourning

AND THE AWARD FOR THE MOST MORBID invention of the century goes to — Vidstone!

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Faculty e-mail crashes this week

If you think your teacher has forgotten all about the e-mail you sent yesterday, try not to panic, for your professor might not have received it at all.

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Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

Blu-Ray is not going to win the war. Neither is HD DVD. Wait, what? You heard right. Neither format is going to win.

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Biotechnology professor wins service award

New advancements in technology seem to appear more and more often, changing the way we live with the intention to improve all aspects of every day life. These developments go beyond bigger, clearer televisions and the ability to decrease wrinkles ...

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