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Both ASI presidential candidates express support for CFA

The election to pick a new student government starts Tuesday, but on Friday, during the ASI Presidential Debate, both candidates came out in support for the faculty in the CFA wage dispute with the CSU system. “I know a lot ...

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support our faculty in salary dispute

Carlos Jimenez — Special to The Collegian I’m writing this letter to raise our campus awareness of an issue that affects us all. It involves a 5 percent general salary raise for every faculty and a 2.65 percent service salary ...

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Teachers need to change

Every other Monday at Boston University, biomedical engineering professor Mohammed Zaman passes out ratings sheets in his classes. Two of the questions are “How can the professor improve your learning of the material?”  and “Has he improved his teaching since the last evaluation?” Zaman reads what students say about his teaching technique and sends an email to the class telling students what things he will change.

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Students saw delay in grades

Typical Fresno State-issued syllabi outline what to expect from the course. They may also address university-wide policies, turn-in dates and rules for the class. But, despite the premises each professor’s syllabus lays forth, a handful of students in the fall were alarmed to find that their grades weren’t posted by the set due date in January.

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Lazy teaching makes profs popular

Some of the most popular professors are also some of the most mediocre. Professors who teach from the textbook, almost verbatim, or worse, those who parrot off every line of their PowerPoint slides give students a bevy of easy courses to choose from.

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APLE rewards teachers

Amongst talk of budget cuts and reduced financial aid, one California program is offering as much as $19,000 to students who want to become teachers.

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