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The four stages of procrastination

Now that midterms are over, students at Fresno State are in the final stretch of the fall semester. That dreaded final stretch means things like prepping for cumulative exams, presentations and group projects. Students are feeling the pressure now more ...

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10 Step Process that Lets Our Procrastination Spiral Out of Control

It’s a new semester, and you’ve told yourself you’re going to try harder when it comes to developing your study habits. With a stack of new color coded sticky notes and freshly sharpened pencils at your right hand side, there’s ...

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Studying abroad offers the world to students

Fresno State gives students the opportunity to travel around the world, visit historic landmarks and make everlasting memories by studying abroad. The university offers study-abroad programs in at least 30 countries, from more traditional countries such as the United Kingdom, ...

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Students cope with stress as finals approach

With finals lurking just around the corner, some students’ stress levels are on the rise. Finals week at Fresno State will begin on Dec. 5, but the stress of finals can begin long before that day.

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Study: Seniors not academically challenged

When it comes to the demands of any course at Fresno State, students and teachers have a very different perception of reality, according to a new study.

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