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5 problems with student parking

Parking is an ongoing struggle for students at Fresno State. It comes off as if the school is piling more and more restrictions onto students who are just trying to get an education. THE FIRST PROBLEM: COST After shelling out thousands of dollars ...

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Throw me a bone here!

You know who needs to take a darn furlough — the campus police officers who plop parking tickets under our windshield wipers like they’ve got a quota to fill.

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How can you get a parking ticket?

In a 30-minute time period on Monday morning, 12 parking tickets were found on cars in parking lots E and C. The tickets were given to cars without a parking permit, having an expired day pass displayed in the window and being parked in front of an expired meter.

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Piecemeal parking plan

Even though I am graduating in May, I still care about Fresno State’s future, so I decided to take the survey.

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Students take advantage of yellow passes

All student parking at Fresno State is not created equal.

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