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This Native American comedy troupe uses humor to tell history

For some, jokes are a light-hearted way to show personality. For others, they can be used to work through a difficult past. But for an indigenous comedy troupe, the 1491s, it’s both of those things. Fresno State’s Cross Cultural and ...

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Student organizes conference to dispel autism stereotypes

Psychology graduate student Joey Wagoner’s brother, Colby, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. At the time Wagoner didn’t know exactly what this meant, but it soon became apparent Colby would not develop normally.

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Single, white female: Bucking the stereotype

There’s been a lot of discussion about stereotyping in the online comment thread of The Collegian’s Kayne and Donda West opinion piece. Single black mothers may be among the most stereotyped people today, but we single white females have our ...

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