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Temporary tattoos provide friendship bonds

Many students stopped by a temporary tattoo parlor in the Baker Hall dormitory lobby last Friday to risk some ink in a way they wouldn’t regret the next morning. Students had a chance to pick guilt-free temporary tattoos and make ...

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To the makers of comic book films: STOP

I’d like it to be over, but thanks to Disney, it’s just beginning. Although they jumped the shark years ago, it appears there is no end in sight for the comic book film industry. To be fair, the industry was ...

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Spidey sequel pretty good, but not ‘Amazing’

Rating: B My spidey senses are not tingling. They may be a bit fried after the “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” a reboot sequel, went through the same song and dance of the previous movie. ‘Spider-Man’ is not so amazing, just ...

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Superhero Spoiler Alert

Here’s an in-depth preview at 2014’s upcoming superhero films  Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ever since the year 2000, superheroes have dominated the big screen. Director Bryan Singer led the way with X-Men, which was soon followed by Director Sam ...

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Hollywood Revisits The Past

Movie Remakes and TV Reboots are in the works for 2014 entertainment At one time, Hollywood had an imagination. Hollywood once produced original television shows and films that have stood the test of time, but somewhere along the line, Tinsel ...

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The birth of a genre

Superheroes. They are very much equivalent to the mythology of the Egyptians or the Greeks.

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