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‘Bitter Harvest:’ Romance during the Holodomor

Director George Mendeluk invited people to “enter the world of the lovers” at Fresno State CineCulture’s screening of “Bitter Harvest.” “Bitter Harvest” is about Yuri’s (played by Max Irons) struggle against Stalin (played by Gary Oliver) and the Holodomor, a ...

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Speaker encourages nonviolent parenting

Educational psychologist Diane Tillman offered nonviolent parenting skills last week to an audience of more than 100 in the Alice Peters Auditorium. The discussion centered on instilling peace and tolerance in children. Fresno State professor Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor, founder of ...

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Conference showcases women’s empowerment

Emmy Award-winning entertainment and news broadcaster Leeza Gibbons will be the keynote speaker at the 28th annual Central California Women’s Conference.     The event’s theme this year is Ignite Your Body and Mind, and is designed to inspire women ...

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Secretary of state rallies voters

In yet another effort by ASI to “get the vote out,” the Secretary of State Debra Bowen was invited to the Fresno State campus yesterday to encourage young voters to perform their civic duties on Election Day.

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