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Getting enough sleep in college

From pulling all-nighters to partying all night, college students are notorious for not getting enough sleep, but, like everything else, there are serious consequences that many are unaware of. Georgianna Negron-Long, a health educator in the Student Health and Counseling ...

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Study: Sleep key to academic success

Sleep: It has the second biggest academic impact at Fresno State.

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Daylight saving time 101

Rise and shine, fellow sleep-deprived students – happy Daylight Saving Time. The impending day of doom has passed, leaving us in zombie mode for the next week, or until our brains and bodies adjust and we feel human again.

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Students count Sheep

Picture this: It’s 7 a.m. and your coffee maker just broke as you’re rushing to get out the front door. Now you’re scrambling around the kitchen looking for some alternate caffeine drink. A long day consisting of class lectures and possible pop quizzes dawns ahead and you can’t stop thinking about when you get to go back to sleep.

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