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Keep the PACE

Do you enjoy being in college? Have you found a major that really inspires your best work? Have you joined some clubs and organizations?

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University PD responds to crime flux around campus

Check out some additional measures students are encouraged to take to prepare for the upcoming semester.

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WEB-SPE@K: How do you cope with school-related stress?

As we enter the final stretch of the semester, how do you cope with school-related stress?

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Fall semester reaches new enrollment high

If it seems a little more crowded on campus this semester, it just might have something to do with the school record of 2,840 enrolled freshmen who just arrived.

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Back 2 School

Classes have started and in a matter of days students will be swamped with homework, tests and presentations. So why not celebrate the last few hours of quiet before the storm?

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While you were out

The semester has begun. Over the weekend many students moved into the dorms and started preparing for classes, while memories of summer began to fade.

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