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Say yes to everything

There are a lot of reasons to say “no.” Among them are: I could lay in bed instead. I’m terrified. I might not enjoy it or something awful might happen. But I’m here to tell you that you should say ...

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Deep Breath: Cultural Identity

On this episode we discuss the ways that cultural identity have shaped us, the feeling of growing up without a sense of belonging and the benefits of defining your personal identity on your own terms. Hosted by Fresno State students ...

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Surviving the unexpected turbulence of life

Years ago a mentor of mine told me that your college years are a time to be selfish. Similar to the instructions given to every plane passenger before take off, in the event of an emergency you must put the ...

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Deep Breath: In your relationship, take time for yourself

Deep Breath Episode 1: In honor of the recent Valentine’s Day, our first episode focuses on practicing self-care in a relationship. Romantic holidays aside, we wanted to offer our listeners a little advice about communicating your needs, taking time for ...

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