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EDITORIAL: School takes pause after threat of violence

Editor’s note: The Collegian does not name the suspect(s) in mass shootings or the threat of one. We can take a breath. The events of Monday – which brought normal operations at Fresno State to a grinding halt – have ...

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New gun bill passed intended to prevent school shootings

In the last few months students from college campuses in Oregon, Texas, and Arizona were victims of school shootings. As an aim to prevent future incidents in California, Gov. Jerry Brown passed bill SB 707 that bans anyone from carrying ...

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The limits of privacy

IT’S UNKNOWN WHETHER THE NORTHERN Illinois University shooter Steven Kazmierczak, who killed six including himself on Valentine’s Day last week, was attempting to copy-cat the Virginia Tech shooting that occurred only 10 months prior. However, the two shooters had one thing in common: their mental state.

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6 dead in Illinois shooting

A man dressed in black and armed with a shotgun and two handguns opened fire at a Northern Illinois University (NIU) lecture hall Thursday, wounding 22 and killing five before committing suicide, as of press time.

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WEB-SPE@K: How does the Northern Illinois University shooting reflect youth culture?

Is yesterday’s shooting at Northern Illinois University indicative of a violent youth culture? Why or why not? Be sure to read the print edition of next Friday’s issue of The Collegian for featured comments. The Collegian reserves the right to ...

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