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The capitalism espoused by Rush Limbaugh is a zero-sum fallacy

Rush Limbaugh hasn’t gone too far with his comments about Pope Francis. He’s simply fortified the safe-bunker he’s been building in America’s right-wing soil. On Wednesday, Limbaugh said President Barack Obama was “having an orgasm” over Pope Francis’ recent comments ...

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No room for bias in the press

As a columnist and a reporter, I’ve gotten a lot of backlash for things I’ve written. Dissent and criticism are always a part of writing, no matter what the medium is. I respect the criticism I’ve received from readers because it has helped me to understand the difference between an opinion column and a legitimate news story.

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Balloon lesson #1: Hot air works

The pathetic cycle of national “news” last week centered on two subjects.

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No Rush for Rams

Yesterday morning, before leaving the house to go to my first class, I happened to see a few minutes of some show on ESPN — one of those shows where middle-aged men argue back and forth, referring to and negotiating a logic I don’t quite understand.

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The new “liberal bias”

RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A NEO-CON, partisan idiot. That doesn’t stop him from being right once in a while.

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