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The royal family matters

I know that many Americans, especially those of us who live on the West coast, don’t particularly care about “The Firm,” but as we approach the first wedding anniversary of Prince William of Wales and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, let me explain to you why the most famous family in the world is worth caring about (no matter which side of the pond you live on).

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Fan of The Firm? Watch these

Last year was a great year for the commonwealth. Since the nuptials between Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, last April, Americans have not been able to get enough of movies depicting the royal family.

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A royal night out

I was just departing from the concession stand line when Prince came on stage and opened with his 1980s hit single ‘1999.’ Frosty beer in one hand and greasy hot dog in the other, I did an excellent balancing act while running upstairs in my heels to get to my seat.

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What to borrow from Kate and Will

As most of the world knows, Prince William and Princess Catherine celebrated their wedding on Friday in London’s Westminster Abbey. More than 1 million people packed the streets of London to celebrate the new royal couple, and more than 2 billion people watched on TV and the Internet.

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Collegian staff sounds off on Kate’s dress

Traditional white wedding dress with a long train and veil, semi-low back, bow in the back, completely plain (no lace, beading, or rhinestones), with long sleeves and a high neckline. The veil will be all tull. She’ll of course wear a tiara.

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Royal Style

Twenty years ago, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married in a swirl of questions: “What will she wear?” and “Simple, or overstated?” Tastes have changed since then, but the questions haven’t. Since Prince William and Catherine Middleton announced their engagement to the press in November, the exact same questions have been asked.

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