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Why does it take a hashtag to validate female assault?

Why do women have to turn their painful experiences into hashtags in order to make them more believable or valid? In the wake of sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, women have been sharing their experiences with sexual ...

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Trump’s ‘locker room banter’ contributes to rape culture

Rape culture is an environment in which sexual violence against women is so normalized that it is excused by most of mainstream culture. Even if you’ve never heard the words rape culture before, you’ve probably seen it. Rape culture is ...

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Inspirational Moment of the Week: Emma Watson discusses university campus sexual assaults at U.N. General Assembly

On Tuesday, HeForShe activist Emma Watson addressed the U.N. General Assembly with a report on the campaign’s 10x10x10 IMPACT which encourages universities to balance the level of gender equality on its campuses. “We know that if you change students experiences ...

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Issue of sexual assault and domestic violence raised with event

Students may have seen statistics about sexual assault and domestic violence written in chalk on the sidewalks around campus as they walked to class. This was part of the “Take Back the Night” event that was held on Wednesday evening ...

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Steubenville: The day television news died

Despite it being the job of news outlets to provide the facts, let’s face it: Sometimes they get it wrong. Occasionally, details of a story are mixed up, or a source is accidentally misquoted or the reporters are rushing to get out any information about a breaking story, which later turns out to be false. But in the case of the recent Steubenville rape case that has created a flurry of reports across the country, many major news outlets got it wrong for an entirely different (and much worse) reason.

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