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Is it weird to reject random acts of kindness?

The other day a very friendly woman started talking to me while in line for lunch. She then went on to offer to pay for my meal as a random act of kindness. I declined. At first my initial thought ...

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Student memorialised in social media campaign

Six months after a tragic vehicle collision took the life of Fresno State alumna Molly Griffin, her family wants to honor her by remembering how Molly lived – with kindness. The family now hopes to make August 26 “Molly Day” ...

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Wikipedia does a marvelous job

People give Wikipedia a hard time. It’s unreliable, unfair, unbalanced and full of heinous communist lies. Poppycock. Wikipedia is a great resource for a wider breadth of knowledge than you’ll ever be party to. Moreover, it’s the kind of online ...

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Boring classes are good for you

The first day of class is a boring, repetitive orientation. Every class has them – don’t cheat, don’t miss class, study for your tests. A lot of classes themselves are boring, repetitive routines – show up, try to take notes and not to sleep during the lecture. Then you leave after an hour –or two or three – just to come back the next period and do the same. We’ve all had our share of tiring, repetitive orientations. Sometimes, they’re job training in various degrees of useless. Imagine my glee when I heard I had a week full of it for my student-teaching.

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Stealing candy from the baby-faced

You’ve seen the bowls filled with self-serve candies. They frequent all sorts of offices and workplaces around the country. The Collegian has one.

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