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Farnesi to fix ASI communication gap

As the 2010-11 academic year comes to an end, Associated Students, Inc. will mark a new beginning.

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Time for Ramirez to resign

Pedro Ramirez, Fresno State’s infamous Associated Students, Inc. president, should resign from his post, and let President-elect Selena Farnesi, the current executive vice president, get a head start on the job.

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Wednesday’s Associated Students, Inc. meeting picked up where it left off two weeks ago, with ASI President Pedro Ramirez as the topic of discussion. Ramirez was absent from the meeting due to an “academic commitment,” but the controversy that has surrounded him lately was unmistakably present.

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ASI meeting addresses president

After the legal status of Associated Student, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez was revealed by the Collegian on Tuesday, ASI held their bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday filled with media and spectators. A few misconceptions were addressed regarding Ramirez while both supporters and opponents attended the meeting.

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On-campus rally in support of DREAM

At 11 a.m. in the Free Speech Area demonstrators alongside Associated Students, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez will rally in support of the federal DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act.

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Ramirez fairly treated by Collegian

On Tuesday afternoon, The Collegian caused quite a stir when we published a breaking news story on our website in which Associated Students, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez admitted that he was an undocumented immigrant.

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