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Is Google’s algorithm racially biased? This Fresno State alumna thinks so

Fresno State alumna Safiya Umoja Noble visited campus last Friday to talk about how Google algorithms can be racially biased. An algorithm is commonly defined as a process or a set of steps that can be followed to achieve a ...

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Editorial: Fresno State professor’s Barbara Bush comments are fruitless

Fresno State is feeling the pressure. Yet again, a professor goes on a social media tirade and attracts fury from all corners of the internet. And again, we will witness another senseless Twitter squabble. Tuesday afternoon, after news broke that ...

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Fresno rallies against election of Donald Trump

Amid national unrest following last Tuesday’s election of Donald Trump to the presidency, about 500 people descended on one of Fresno’s busiest intersections – Blackstone and Shaw avenues – Saturday to join protest efforts. “We’re out here to stand in ...

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EDITORIAL: Donald Trump is going to get us all killed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Collegian would like to remind its readers that this story is an editorial — which is an opinion. This is not a news story. There is clarification here. Trump’s America is the Fourth Reich. This phenomenon of Trump ...

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Frat shows that racism lives

Did you know we live in a post-racial society? Well, it’s true, right? We have a black president, so racism is over. It turns out some people didn’t get that memo. By now, everyone has heard what happened in Oklahoma ...

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Notes & Asides, 2/13/12

Is the Republican Party a racist political party? I said no; some of our readers said yes. Here are some of your responses, with some extra commentary by me.

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