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AB 67 approved in bipartisan committee

Assembly Bill 67 (AB 67), which was authored by Republican legislators of the California State Assembly, was passed with bi-partisan support in the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee. It is now been re-referred to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. Assemblymembers Kristin ...

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Refund wins approval with students

In California during the 2012 November election, Proposition 30 passed with 55.3 percent of the vote. Proposition 30, titled a Sales and Income Tax Increase Initiative, was developed by Gov. Jerry Brown in an attempt to help California climb out ...

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Brown’s budget bolsters education

Gov. Brown’s proposal for the 2013-2014 budget includes $250 million for higher education. Half of this proposed funding will offset the money dismissed from higher education in last year’s state budget.

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Welty: ‘The facts behind Proposition 30’

On the ballot this year, voters will decide whether to pass Proposition 30, the initiative that would raise the state sales tax and raise income taxes for the wealthy. If the proposition were rejected, Fresno State would face a series ...

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Gov. Jerry Brown searches for votes in Fresno [gallery]

After traveling to San Diego, Los Angeles and Bakersfield, Gov. Jerry Brown stopped in Fresno to discuss more on Proposition 30. Click here to read the full article.

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Proposition 30 a big factor in future budget, says Welty

Fresno State President John D. Welty had a strong message when he addressed faculty and staff on Friday August 17 during his state-of-the-campus address.

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