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Stolen hard drive exposes information of more than 14,000

Fresno State released a campuswide email on Tuesday notifying students of “potential data exposure” after a university hard drive was stolen last December. Information of at least 300 current students and faculty was breached, including information of more than 14,000 ...

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Artist opens up for privacy

In the fast-changing world of technology and surveillance, innovative artist Hasan Elahi is staying one step ahead of the game by “taking control” of his own data footprint. His concept is simple – track your own life so the government ...

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Students adapt to campus living

  By Matthew Jimenez Students living away from home for the first time at the Fresno State dorms say they feel safe, secure and comfortable despite having limited privacy.

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Gun-owner database needed for enforcement

The gun-control debate lacks focus.  That’s a problem because it’s a multi-layered issue that no one piece of legislation, no matter how big, can solve.  It involves mental illness, an entertainment culture that supports violence, a debate about which guns ...

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Facebook bigger factor for employers’ decision

With rumors of Facebook making the “Timeline” feature mandatory, users are cautioned to prepare for the strings that are expected to come attached if the change occurs.

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The limits of privacy

IT’S UNKNOWN WHETHER THE NORTHERN Illinois University shooter Steven Kazmierczak, who killed six including himself on Valentine’s Day last week, was attempting to copy-cat the Virginia Tech shooting that occurred only 10 months prior. However, the two shooters had one thing in common: their mental state.

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