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The fallen ‘City of Angels’

Less than 24 hours ago, I was riding shotgun in my friend’s silver Hello Kitty-themed Honda en route to the City of Angels. With our windows down and spirits high, we shamelessly butchered every Bryan McKnight song in her stone-aged ...

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The ban on plastic bags

  Several California cities have already implemented a ban on plastic bags in retail and grocery stores, including Los Angeles County and Oakland. The law has been adopted on a global scale in places such as Bangladesh, Haiti and New ...

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Central Valley pollution

Environmental issues directly affect the Central Valley in many ways and one class on campus has recognized them and even looked for solutions.

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Let’s go ride a bike

Campus parking pass, $68 per semester. Gas, $3.67 per gallon. Going Green — priceless.

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Polluted Valley

Many people complain about the air quality in the Valley, but according to a recent study, very few know what to do about it.

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Geography students study the air — from above

The Fresno State geography department is conducting a unique, two-phased air quality research endeavor to measure ozone levels in the Central Valley and to educate the public on the health effects of air pollution.

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