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Trans artists take to the stage to voice oppression

The Cross Cultural and Gender Center’s Poetry Jam provided a way for transgender artists to voice oppression they face and to listen to other cultural perspectives. Performances encouraged transgender people to stand up for their rights and challenge those who ...

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Poetry jam to be revived on campus

Poets and performers paraded across the The Bucket’s stage Friday night during a kick-off event hailed as a revival of the once popular poetry jam. Kalisha Goodwin, a graduate student and lead student coordinator at Fresno State’s Cross Cultural and ...

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Local Poets Go ‘Anti-Love’

  By Royce Dunn Special to The Collegian To offer an alternative to Valentine’s Day-themed events, the monthly Loud Mouth and Inner Ear poetry jams banded together in rejecting “love-based” poetry for an “anti-love” jam on Saturday, at Howie and ...

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