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‘Powers’ offers cerebral take on superhero genre

With its recent release of the comic book adaptation “Powers,” PlayStation crossed from the video game realm into the trending world of original streaming service programming. The first three episodes dropped on the PlayStation Network on March 10, with seven ...

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The actual issue with “Grand Theft Auto”

A friend sent me an iPhone video of his experience picking up the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto—known simply as GTA V. The video shows a mass of people—men, women, and children, middle aged to pre-teens—standing in crude formation ...

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Are you a closet gamer?

Rumor has it that the prequel to the epic Halo Trilogy titled “Halo Reach” will inject into your boyfriend’s Xbox 360 on the first of September.

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Video Game Review: “NBA Live ’09”

Like most professional sport video games, the major changes in a game from year to year are primarily roster changes and player statistics. But “NBA Live ’09” features many new modes that make it a stand out from its competition.

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XBox Live goes digital and beyond

Microsoft is co-producing a series of digital short films for distribution over the Xbox Live.

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