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NBA conference finals, Champions league final and Fresno State baseball and softball playoffs

In the final episode of the semester guest host William Ramirez and guest Jorge Rodriguez talk about the NBA conference finals and which teams have an easier path to the NBA final. Also they talk about the Champions League final ...

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NFL Draft, why did the Browns chose Mayfield instead of Darnold, Rosen or Allen?

Host Jorge Rodriguez and special guest Seth Casey talk about the first round of the NFL draft and they discuss the reasons behind Cleveland taking Mayfield as the number one overall draft choice. They also talk about the NBA playoffs ...

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What teams look best in the NBA playoffs and who will go number one in the upcoming NFL draft?

Host Jorge Rodriguez and recurring guest William Ramirez talk about the NBA playoffs, which teams have surprised them and which one’s have let them down. They talk about the upcoming NFL draft and the which prospects look best to make ...

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The pain of losing

The funny thing about sports is that losses always pain more than wins gratify. I was reminded of this thought (or, rather, bludgeoned in the head with it) after my beloved Green Bay Packers were eliminated from the NFL playoffs by the New York Giants this past weekend.

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The end of an era

Not even the Zen Master could have envisioned a final game from the sidelines going so uncharacteristically awful, embarrassing and horrible.

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