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Planned Parenthood: Not an abortion factory

When Planned Parenthood opened its doors in October 1916, it was originally called the American Birth Control League. One hundred years later, it remains a leading provider of birth control and sex education in the United States. While abortion and ...

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The Republican Party lacks empathy for people

This year, we’ll decide the fate of our nation for the next four. The presidential race is looming and we have to decide what kind of nation we’ll be. With that there are many factors, and no one will ever ...

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Stand with Planned Parenthood

No matter how you feel about abortion, do not take it out on Planned Parenthood or its patrons. Don’t picket its buildings. Don’t harass its patrons. The men and women using these services are not guilty of anything other than ...

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Decrease funding for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood — what a concept. A premeditated decision to have sex with the sole purpose of reproduction. Today, that concept seems about as arbitrary as arranged marriage or civil unions. But not to the majority of the House of Representatives.

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What will health care do?

After reading the Op-ed by Oscar Perez, it was stunning to me that such a poorly written, error ridden, slanderous tirade could have been printed in such a respected paper as The Collegian.j

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Obama supports racism?

Barack Obama—racist or baby killer? I say none of the above, but allow me to add imprudent; imprudent to the full extent of the word.

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