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Texts: new line of police defense

University Police at Fresno State have implemented a new crime-reporting system in which students can anonymously text in crimes.

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The ups and downs of technology

For the 21,655 freshman at Fresno State, everything about college is new. The teachers, the campus and the all-around lifestyle are aspects that will take time to get used to. However, the one thing that has never been new to the largest freshman class in Fresno State history is the Internet.

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The collapse of cursive in curriculum

Although I may be a tech-savvy Gen Xer, I do remember life before the Internet. Times were better. Kids were physically active and played outside. Nowadays, all kids seem to play is Angry Birds on their iPhones.

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Unwanted cell phones get a second chance to be used

Cell phones are more powerful than students recognize. Everyday unwanted cell phones aren’t being used to their full potential, and are thrown out like a bag of trash.

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The ringtone that bites

Cell phones are becoming a significant part of our culture as users are increasingly customizing their smartphones. Personalizing your ringtone is just one way to attract attention with your cell phone. Most cell phones have the technological ability to download ringtones.

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