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It was 3:02 a.m. — a violent scream followed by endless blows to the wall had startled my sleeping friend. A faint dial tone and the sound of her hand repetitively pounding against the hotel headboard awoke me hours later — “Hi,” she said to the voice on the other end. “I’m in room 1431 and the people next door are having sex, real loud.”

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Library exhibit highlights past Fresno State athletes

The Henry Madden Library and athletics department are collaborating together to create a homecoming exhibit that will feature former Fresno State athletes.

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New Editions

A Mono Indian master basket weaver knows patience, and so does artist and architect Susan Narduli.

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Library ribbon-cutting

The Henry Madden Library officially opens its doors Fri., Feb. 20. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony, about which The Collegian found many students uninformed, took place Feb. 21. University President John Welty and ASI President Graham Walhberg spoke at the ceremony.

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Here at last

For many Fresno State students the wait for a library has been inconvenient at best and sometimes even agonizing, as they fight over seating in the university student union and look tirelessly for a printer or open outlet to plug in their laptop.

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‘It’s going to look very empty’

For the planned January grand opening of the newly constructed and renovated Henry Madden Library, students were to walk over the elaborate marble tile entryway and be welcomed in by electronic signs and HD screens

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