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Professor says ‘No’ to laptops

Geography professor Michelle Calvarese is trying to give her students the best learning environment possible, using a seating chart and no-laptop policy.

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Notes & Asides, 10-26-11

After my column praising Ron Paul’s efforts at solving America’s debt crisis, commenter joshua4234 asked, in so many words, for me to take a look at the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ budget, which eliminates the deficit in 10 years.

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Notes & Asides, 10-14-11

After his recent meteoric rise in the polls — a month ago he was registering in the low single digits; today he’s around 20 percent and challenging Mitt Romney — establishment politicos are starting to look into Herman Cain’s candidacy as legitimate, much as they did after Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll and Rick Perry anounced his candidacy.

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Notes & Asides, 9-28-11

Commenter Abigail asks a very pertinent question regarding my contention that today’s university does not teach students the way that it should:

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Notes & Asides, 9-14-11

This space received some criticism online from commenter Michael: "I see that this platform is turning into a “hit” parade of posters that challenge, which I didn’t see coming when I read the initial post as to why this was created. I find it odd."

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Notes & Asides, 9-7-11

In a recent blog post, I wrote, “The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause only prevents the federal government from establishing a state religion and from prohibiting a person from practicing their religion. By my reading, the First Amendment does not preclude prayer in public schools.” Commenter joshua4234 disagreed:

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