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Letter to the editor: New Student Union – for the students, by the students

By Yadira Valenzuela Last year, the “Bold New U” referendum failed. It did not fail for a “plethora” of reasons as a few voices have implied, it failed for two main reasons: lack of student involvement and misinformation regarding the project. ...

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Letter to the editor: We Deserve Better, We Deserve a New Student Union

By Juan Guzman We deserve a new building that will ignite campus pride and allow students to feel creative and comfortable on our campus. A new facility with more study space, meeting spaces, food options, napping areas, lounge space, computer ...

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Letter to the editor: The ‘New USU’ and why your voice matters

By Jennifer Vang As a student who originally voted “No” to last year’s “Bold New U” campaign, I can understand why there is a bit of frustration as to why there is a “New Student Union” campaign for this school ...

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Did a “no” vote on the USU referendum matter?

Last week, the New Student Union Leadership Team sent out a campuswide survey to Fresno State students about the possibilities of, you guessed it, a new student union on campus. The survey is straightforward in its nature, and the student ...

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New location, new design – new ‘bold’ USU in the making

Fresno State has a new student union, but for the moment it only exists as a few artistic renderings, colorful floor plans and in the minds of a committee of administrators. This “bold new union” and its feasibility were discussed ...

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