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What our country needs is a leader, not whatever Trump is

Between the hurricanes, the Las Vegas mass shooting and continued tension with North Korea, President Donald Trump has shown his true colors as a leader, and none of them are commendable. It was an already known fact that Trump is ...

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Letter to the editor: Trump and the NFL

By Alex Vavoulis, Professor Emeritus at CSU Fresno It’s a shame that President Trump missed a good opportunity in the imbroglio that has occurred with the black players in the NFL kneeling on one knee for the playing of the national anthem. Perhaps no ...

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Kudos: Giants-Dodgers unite for Stow

Monday’s game at AT&T Park was an emotional one. Prior to the National Anthem, former Giants infielder Juan Uribe reunited with his teammates on the pitcher’s mound when presented his World Series ring by managing general partner Bill Neukom. A ...

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