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A year after his death, students perform music for professor who inspired them

The President’s Quintet, a scholarship ensemble that performs on behalf of Fresno State, was featured Sunday at the concert remembering music professor Dr. Brad Hufft. Hufft died nearly a year ago. The quintet played “The Traveler’s Tale,” which was first ...

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Serving up talent

Fresno restaurant and bar aims to serve good food and spotlight local artists’ talents By Tori West Starving Artists Bistro is the newest safe haven for local talent to express themselves in front of the community. The family-owned and operated bistro ...

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Between The Jazz

By Nadia Pearl Fresno State jazz musicians were given an intimate experience to play alongside professional saxophonist Mike DiRubbo on Thursday night in the Concert Hall. DiRubbo, a freelancing recording artist and composer from New York, performed as the guest ...

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A‘chord’ing to Adam

The students and staff at University Courtyard have had their eyes and ears on something new: it’s very own self-taught troubadour. Unfortunately for Adam Stephens, business major and University Courtyard student assistant, the sounds of “Creep” by Radiohead reverberating against the walls of the dorms wasn’t a crowd pleaser.

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Nine mystical tales

Narcissus was a handsome young man who was desired and loved by all. One day, as he bent down to drink from a pool of water, he caught a glimpse of himself and fell in love.

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Different instruments: From drums to keyboards

FLOATING IN A WORLD OF AMBIGUITY CAN spark a sense of vulnerability that, in some instances, can prove to be detrimental to one’s identity.

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