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Cecilia Ruesta: Reflecting campus diversity

At age 18, Cecilia Ruesta, knowing no English, immigrated from Peru to the United States as an undocumented student. “It’s almost like you don’t have an identity, you don’t have something that can prove that you are you,” said Ruesta, ...

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Inauguración del nuevo presidente inculca temor en los estudiantes

Escrito por Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado and Daniel Gligich La inauguración del cuadragésimo quinto presidente de los Estados Unidos el 20 de enero, provocó la manifestación de millones de personas, quienes llenaron las calles el día siguiente. Zacarías González, un estudiante de ...

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RACE AT FRESNO STATE: Professors, university officials sound off on school’s substantial success gap

In a university that embraces the value of diversity, Fresno State is still working to close the student achievement gap between various races and ethnicities that embody the campus.

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Organization shares the minority experience with the university at large

In an effort to share the minority experience with Fresno State, the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Committee brought in distinguished individuals annually for three years.

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Is Fresno State actually suffering from a ‘brain drain’?

Did you consider there might be other things deterring top prospective students? How about the fact that Fresno State’s priority has long been to invest in athletics over academics?

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