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It’s OK to go to therapy. And it’s OK to talk about mental health

Last November I started seeing a therapist. I don’t have a story – the kind where there’s a defining moment when I knew I needed to go and then went. For me, it was culmination of too many moments. I ...

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After losing her best friend, she wants to help others with mental illness

It’s a difficult task for Anyssa Molina to understand why her best friend did what she did. Fresno State student Ana Alcantar, 21, died on Jan. 17. A spokesman from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said her death was by ...

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Mental illness: erase the stigma

The first week in October is commemorated as National Mental Health Awareness Week. Tomorrow, Oct 6, is National Depression Screening Day. On the surface, weeks or days like this seem relatively unimportant to most. With the recent passing of National ...

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‘In Our Own Voice’ addresses mental health, recovery

There is an illness that affects about 6 percent of all Americans, yet there are often no visible symptoms. It is not contagious, and there is still much we do not understand about it. These millions of Americans suffer from various forms of mental illness, a disability that is just as real and severe as physical ailments, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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Depression rates high for college students

About two-out-of-ten college students have some type of mental illness and approximately 19 percent of college-aged individuals attempt or contemplate suicide according to 

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