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Baseball: The great American game

Why baseball is the greatest game in the world.  I remember it well. Riding in the car, driving the three and a half hours from Fresno to San Francisco with my parents, brother and my best friend. Crossing the Bay ...

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An ode to the hometowns that shape us, for better or worse

I seem to remember my hometown most when it rains. The historic downtown streets collecting puddles, colorful awnings dripping onto passing umbrellas and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans from my favorite local cafe. I never thought I would ...

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Studying abroad offers the world to students

Fresno State gives students the opportunity to travel around the world, visit historic landmarks and make everlasting memories by studying abroad. The university offers study-abroad programs in at least 30 countries, from more traditional countries such as the United Kingdom, ...

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Ending the hurry to leave

Get in and get the heck out! For the 20 plus years I have been in school, this has always been my motto.

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As childhood fades, love remains

And so another Valley retail giant bites the dust, and with it, another snippet of my childhood.

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