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Time to trash timed essays

The way we look at writing tests has got to change. It is no secret that students hate timed essays. They put extreme pressure on us to perform our writing, and often do not give us the opportunity to write ...

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Vagina is not a dirty word

The amount of fear associated with the word “vagina” is absurd. Tampon commercials completely skirt the word, even though companies are making a profit off of vaginas and their needs. In public schools, the word “vagina” is censored from the ...

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Let’s be done with finals forever

As we approach the end of the semester yet again, the impending week of final exams incites fear in the hearts of students everywhere. While a few of us are confident in our test taking capabilities, most of us are ...

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The Worst of Facebook

Lately there has been a decline in Facebook users. It can be said that the reason for this is the rise of stupid people abusing the social platform. So here is a compiled list of idiotic things people do and ...

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Ladies: No Shave November

No Shave November is not just for men. The month of November is often referred to as No Shave November – a time when men and women alike give up shaving in favor of a more natural look. The trend ...

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Get your game on

Don’t forget about board games. All too often in our busy lives, we forget the simplicity of a game with friends. In an age in which everything is digitized, it can be easy to forget the value of a face ...

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