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Students statewide mourn free higher education

Dressed in all black, Students for a Quality Education marched through the Fresno State campus Monday chanting its demands from a loudspeaker. Their message was “free higher education is possible.” The demostraters met at the Free Speech Area and proceeded ...

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May Day March supports International Workers’ Day

Updated May 12, 2016: Official comment from Driscoll’s. International Workers’ Day drew a crowd of people to march down Blackstone Avenue on Sunday for the annual May Day March in central Fresno. About 70 people marched from Manchester Center to ...

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Transgender Day of Remembrance observed across Fresno

Friday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to pay tribute to transgender men and women who have lost their lives and advocate to end violence and discrimination against the community. The Cross Culture and Gender Center set up ...

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Empowering expression in the wake of tragedy

This is the part where the unity elicited by tragedy begins to fade, and the chorused calls of “Je Suis Charlie” begin to turn to faint echoes, becoming parts of stories that begin, “Remember when.” It’s been over a week ...

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Students protest cuts, furloughs and fees

Students for Quality Education mobilized hundreds of students Wednesday voicing their concerns regarding the results of recent budget cuts.

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