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Park it like it’s hot

More often than not, I roll into the parking lots at Fresno State with a “Hunger Games” type mentality. We’re all just vultures trying to survive as best as we possibly can, and that often means that we’re guilty of ...

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The unspoken laws of society

The guiding principles of society are its unspoken laws. It’s moral code of conduct. The civil behavior contract. Laws that everyone knows, that are not up for discussion. Laws that are abided by despite being unwritten.

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Hate speech takes focus

This past weekend students and members from the Fresno community united for a similar cause, only this time they did not walk out, they stayed in.

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The chivalrous not chauvinist

Being a gentleman is something I think is almost completely lost among guys in my generation.

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When online, less is more

Can online commenting be placed in the same vein as “water-cooler gossip,” where people who share the same social space escape the humdrum of the work week by gathering around the communal water-dispensing unit during office breaks to discuss the day’s issue?

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IT HAPPENED AGAIN the other day: as I was pulling up to the gas station and getting out, I noticed another person getting out of their vehicle too. We made eye contact. It was on.

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