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3 things I learned while job-hopping

My first job at the age of 17, was filling popcorn buckets and pouring sodas at a theater in downtown Salinas, California. As first jobs go, I was extremely lucky. My coworkers were friendly and the work was easy. Not ...

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Five YouTube videos that made me literally ‘LOL’

In a time where almost everything you see on television is negative, where everyone is complaining on a status update or getting engaged–not that getting engaged is a bad thing–it’s nice to get away from the seriousness for a bit ...

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The Spirit of Holiday Feasting as Told by Joey Tribbiani

Thanksgiving is around the corner and who better than to show you how to prepare for time spent with friends and family, feasting than the Sandwich King himself, Joey Tribbiani. Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food.   If ...

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Top Ten Signs You’re Not in High School Anymore

As an official college student for over a year now, I realize that I’m in a completely new environment. From longer classes to smaller desk sizes getting accustomed to this change became a process. As the semesters starting flying by ...

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