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Love him, hate him, get to know him: Ben Bergquam

Among a crowd of Fresno State students frequently found near the library, a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap often peaks out from a distance. Walk a little closer, and more is revealed and chatter begins to be heard. ...

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EDITORIAL: Donald Trump is going to get us all killed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Collegian would like to remind its readers that this story is an editorial — which is an opinion. This is not a news story. There is clarification here. Trump’s America is the Fourth Reich. This phenomenon of Trump ...

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A 50th Anniversary review of Kennedy’s legacy

This Friday will mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death.  Although Kennedy is discussed frequently and countless books are written about him seemingly every year, the 50th anniversary of his assassination surely calls for a more commemorative ...

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Debate, but don’t hate

A very irritating trend has developed between liberals and conservatives. Each side often insists on demeaning the other purely on the basis of political ideology.

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Are liberals smarter?

It is an old idea that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

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Mathew: One of the best parts of Election Day is all the free stuff you get for voting. I claimed several free coffees from Starbucks today.

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