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March for Higher Education Attendance

Infographic by Michael Uribes / The Collegian Online Click to play. Requires Flash Player 10.

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Introducing The Collegian on MySpace

The Information Highway diverges in the blue glow of the computer screen. One path leads to knowledge of a serious kind, the kind presented here, on The Collegian Online. The other, more travelled path leads to the many entertainment options ...

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California speaks: Proposition results

Amidst the tumult of the presidential election, seven of California’s 12 propositions were voted into law. The Collegian Online has compiled these results so our readers can see how the state voted as a whole and how Fresno County followed ...

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Test your alcohol knowledge

Alcohol and drinking are perpetual subjects of conversation on college campuses nationwide. Find out how much you know about alcohol’s effects by taking The Collegian Online’s quiz below. (Click to open quiz in a pop-up window.)

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Construction on campus

Click the image below to open an interactive map with details about the campus’s ongoing construction. Collegian staff members Heather Billings, Ben Keller, Jessica Szalay and Kelly Lucus contributed to this map.

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