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Celebrities come out of the woodwork for Women’s March

Post-inauguration, millions of people around the world came together to march against President Trump and in support of LGBT rights and organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Among those millions of people were celebrities, and I’ll admit, that as a pop ...

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Inauguration upholds fears for Fresno State students under new president

By Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado and Daniel Gligich The inauguration of the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20 spurred millions to the streets in protest the following day. For Fresno State history graduate student Zacarias Gonzalez, the move to ...

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He’s hired: now what?

Donald Trump is the President of the United States. To some, Trump seemed like the obvious choice. To others, it is nothing but a sign of the times, indicating that the end is near. But a feeling that conservative and ...

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Obama’s greatest hits and misses

As we say our final goodbyes to the dumpster fire of a year that was 2016, we also say a final goodbye to our (mostly) beloved 44th president, Barack Obama. In his eight years in office, President Obama has managed ...

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Inauguration events come to Fresno State

Some watched television and millions more from behind computer screens, but on Tuesday morning, members of the Fresno State community converged on campus to participate in several inauguration-viewing activities.

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We know President Obama is an African-American

The United States of America has a new president, and, yes, he is an African-American. Thousands of citizens gathered under the midday D.C. sun to watch as a highly intelligent, exceptionally driven Barack Obama took up the position of Commander-in-Chief and spoke to the country like a man who deserved the title.

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