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3 states, D.C. to vote on cannabis reforms

Three states and the District of Columbia may pass new marijuana laws come Election Day, a potential second wave of cannabis policy reform following legalization in Colorado and Washington state in 2012. Cannabis initiatives are on the Nov. 4 ballot ...

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Students pray for passage of DREAM ACT

Various student organizations gathered in the Fresno State Peace Garden to participate in a vigil dedicated to the DREAM Act.

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Fresno community speaks out at DREAM Act Rally

Watch some of the key points of today’s DREAM Act Rally.

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ASI meeting addresses president

After the legal status of Associated Student, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez was revealed by the Collegian on Tuesday, ASI held their bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday filled with media and spectators. A few misconceptions were addressed regarding Ramirez while both supporters and opponents attended the meeting.

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Ramirez fairly treated by Collegian

On Tuesday afternoon, The Collegian caused quite a stir when we published a breaking news story on our website in which Associated Students, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez admitted that he was an undocumented immigrant.

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Campus reacts to ASI president’s undocumented status

Just 24 hours after the confirmation of ASI President Pedro Ramirez’s undocumented status, the Fresno State campus is still buzzing with uncertainty. Watch as students and Ramirez himself react to the news.

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