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Amerasia Week 2017 (April 3, 2017 – Japanese Culture Night)

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Native American culture sews students to their heritage

At Fresno State, you learn a lot about other’s cultures through lectures and presentations but tribal elders Corky Mills and Millie Richards Vela are literally putting tradition in your hands. “The Shawl Project: Winyan Omnicha – Gathering of the Women” ...

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Students celebrate heritage month

Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off on Wednesday with Bienvenida at the Cesar Chavez monument in the Peace Garden, celebrating Mexican Independence Day. Bienvenida, presented by the Latino Faculty and Staff Association with the help of many student organizations, served as ...

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International Coffee Hour provides perspective on culture

The International Coffee Hour, a weekly event in the Henry Madden Library that takes you around the globe, starts Tuesday.

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Tamejavi festival

Crossing cultural boundaries, the 5 annual Tamejavi Festival, “Our voices, Our stories: A Path to Inclusion,” transformed Radio Park on Sept. 18 into a space where diverse cultures converge to express and share stories, music, food, traditions, and ways of interpreting the world.

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White mutts have no heritage

One of my professors assigned a heritage assignment. The idea is to find out what heritage you have. The rationale is that California is a diverse place with a variety of heritages. She’s not a tough grader, and interviewing a ...

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