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Do you know what ‘quidditch’ is? Don’t worry, Castro didn’t either

Have you ever heard someone say something and only laughed because everyone else did? That’s what happened to Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro as his pop culture knowledge was put to the test Wednesday during a livestream Q and ...

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‘Carry On’ is original, relatable, magical

“Carry On” by New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell is a coming-of-age tale at its core that explores the topics you’d find most confusing as a teenager: school, love, loss, destiny and, of course, magic. Simon Snow, also known ...

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Movie night wine pairings: A classy affair

Have you been itching to have a movie marathon? Maybe you want to go on the emotional roller coaster of nostalgia and watch “Harry Potter” all day, or maybe you just want to settle into your couch and enjoy “Finding ...

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Harry Potter’s last ride begins

True to their passion, Harry Potter fans turned out in the thousands for the midnight premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part I.”

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